6-Month Health Coaching Program

6-Month Personalized Functional Health Coaching Program

 This customized program combines everything we specialize in here at our practice that will help you achieve your health goals and create an ongoing healthy lifestyle to incorporate into your health journey. 

Think of us as your very own functional health support team, walking you through the healing process every step of the way until you feel your best.


The 2 Biggest Contributors to Poor Health


Toxic Relationships

Toxic Mindset

Toxic Chemicals

Toxic Gut

Toxic Food

Toxic Liver

Toxic EMF Exposure

Toxic Blue Light Exposure

Leads to...



Nutrient Deficiencies

Lack of Restorative Sleep

Lack of Oxygen from Improper

Breathing Patterns

Lack of Self-Care

Lack of Natural Sunlight

Lack of Time in Nature

Lack of Joy and Fulfillment

The two main factors affecting health are toxicity and deficiencies, often interconnected. There's no one-size-fits-all solution, and lab tests can't reveal critical factors like trauma, beliefs, mindset, or nervous system issues. Everyone has unique needs. We'll assess your health history, and stressors, and use functional labs and energy testing to create a personalized plan to improve your health and life.

You won't be alone on this journey!

Are You...

  1. Tired of struggling with low energy despite enough sleep, digestive issues, skin problems, and confusing advice from holistic practitioners?

  2. Wondering if these symptoms are your new "normal" despite trying diets, supplements, and various specialists?

  3. Frustrated that nothing seems to work and desperate to feel better?

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way!

Common symptoms aren't your fault or a result of genetics. They often have deeper causes beyond what lab tests reveal.

Here's the good news: We assist clients in unraveling these health mysteries, helping them conquer symptoms naturally.

Would You Like To...

• Boost your energy

• Achieve restful sleep

• Naturally balance your hormones

• Achieve clear skin

• Enhance your mood

• Relieve bloating

• Maintain regular bowel movements

• Feel comfortable in your body

Gain the knowledge and tools for long-term health support!


This Program Is Different Than Anything You’ve Tried!

With This Program, You Will Get...

  • Lab Work: We'll dive deep into your unique health profile to identify the root causes of your concerns.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Receive tailor-made dietary, lifestyle, and supplement suggestions crafted just for you.
  • One-on-One Guidance: Connect with Dr. Andrea and our team of dedicated health coaches through virtual or in-person visits.
  • Continuous Support: Think of us as your personal functional health support team, guiding you every step of the way.

This is the best option for anyone looking for individual guidance and support to tackle the root cause of your health concern.

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