12 Week Health & Nutrition Coaching Program

Discover our 12 Week Health & Nutrition Coaching Program led by certified Functional Nutrition Coach, Shelbi.

Simplify your path to better health with personalized nutrition plans, expert guidance, and regular support. From athletes to those seeking tailored dietary advice, Shelbi's holistic approach ensures lasting results.

Elevate your well-being today!


We Will Help You To…

• Personalize your anti-inflammatory, nutrition-boosting diet

• Enhance sleep and regulate your day/night cycle

• Choose exercise to align with your healing goals

• Support adrenals, digestion, and detoxification systems

• Cultivate daily habits for your health vision

• Transform your mindset and brain for wellness

• Nourish your spirit and well-being

• Identify and address chronic infections (parasites, yeast, bacteria, fungus)

• Address mineral imbalances, deficiencies, and toxic metals

• Heal and seal your gut

• Foster a healthy gut microbiome

• Rebalance hormones

• Restore cellular function

• Organize and implement your healing protocol recommendations

• Uncover and address stressors hindering your progress

The results? You thriving.

Picture yourself not only conquering health challenges but also living a life that truly resonates with your aspirations. This program is your gateway to transformation, where each day is filled with boundless energy and newfound possibilities.


Are You...

  1. Ready to take 100% responsibility for your health journey?

  2. Prepare to make a life-changing commitment to feel your best?

  3. Willing to actively overcome whatever obstacles come your way?

What would YOU do for better health, more energy, and optimal vitality?

This Program Is For You If...

  • You lead a busy life but are deeply motivated to find answers and enact essential changes for healing.
  • You've been on a quest for answers but continually hit dead ends.
  • You instinctively believe that the root causes of your symptoms go much deeper, even if your doctor insists everything appears normal.
  • You're in search of more natural alternatives to solutions.
  • You're ready to take 100% responsibility for your health journey, rather than seeking someone else to "fix" you.

This Program Is NOT For You If...

• You seek a quick, temporary solution and are unwilling to embrace lasting changes in your diet and lifestyle.

• You're only interested in running lab tests and being placed on a supplement regimen.

• You anticipate immediate fixes with minimal effort.

• You're looking for a one-size-fits-all approach, rather than a personalized and holistic journey.

• You're not committed to actively participating in your health journey and taking responsibility for your well-being.

Imagine a life with consistent energy, healthy periods, clear skin, restful sleep, consistent bowel movements, enjoying a meal without the bloat and feeling empowered that you know what your body needs.

True health isn’t just about trying all the diets, running all the labs, finding the right supplements, and lowering stress. A true transformative journey is about taking radical actions to help you step into your greatest power. It isn’t about using tools simply to help a symptom but to help you GROW.

What Does The Coaching Program Include?

  • 60 Minute Initial Zoom Consultation with Shelbi

  • Customized Plan to address nutrition, lifestyle, and movement based on where you are currently and the health goals that you have

  • Simple Weekly Online Check-Ins with Shelbi to ensure progress, and accountability, and provide VIP-level support throughout the process

  • Monthly 30-Minute Zoom Follow-Up Sessions with Shelbi

  • Access to helpful resources - easy-to-follow meal plans, recipes, grocery shopping lists, ingredients to avoid, favorite brands, and more!

  • 15% Discount on all professional-grade supplements throughout the duration of your program

Establish a healthy lifestyle, create a nutrition plan that is unique to your needs, and finally see lasting improvements in your health!


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