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We created this program to give you the most simple and effective step-by-step process to achieving and maintaining optimal health, true health education, guidance, community, support, and our exact recommendations to make the BIGGEST improvements in your health in only 6 weeks.

In this program we teach you how small and simple changes can actually lead to the most impactful improvements in your health, without spending thousands of dollars on expensive supplements, lab tests, or doctors visits. 

After working with thousands of patients and helping them overcome a wide spectrum of different health concerns, the recommendations outlined in this program are the most important factors to address for everyone, regardless of the specific symptoms or health problems they are dealing with. 

By implementing the lifestyle changes that we go through in this program, our patients are able to experience improved energy and mood, better sleep, weight loss, better digestion, and an overall improved sense of well being.


Over the course of 6 weeks, we will cover our Key 4 Pillars of Achieving and Maintaining Optimal Health:

1. The Foundations of Health

2. Reducing Your Toxic Burden 

3. Optimizing Your Drainage, Elimination, and Detoxification Pathways

4. Understanding the Impact of Your Nervous System, and How To Balance and Regulate This Master System


In this program you will receive:

- Weekly online modules with bonus guides, PDFs and resources that are yours to keep

- Weekly Coaching & Q&A Calls (we encourage you to attend live if possible, however you will receive recordings for the calls in case you aren't able to attend live)

- Extra Discounts on Top Quality Professional Grade Supplements

- Lifetime access to the course modules, educational content, and resources so that you can keep coming back to these things whenever you need!


As a special bonus, we will also be including Cellcore Bioscience's Step 1 Comprehensive Protocol Kit ($300 Value) as a part of your enrollment for this round of the program, starting June 24th! 

This Kit Includes:

- CT Minerals


- KL Support

- Biotoxin Binder

These are some of the most beneficial supplements that you can add into your healing journey, along with all the support on how to safely and effectively add these into your routine in a supportive group environment!